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  • "I loved every moment playing Ego Cognito. It is perfect for thought leaders and people who are authentic and raw. The magic that comes from the game doesn't come until you are brave enough to play it. Ego Cognito is literally your personal call to action!" - Jessica Wild, Yoga and Pilates Instructor

  • "Through my experience of playing Ego Cognito, I've gained one strong friendship, made acquaintances with people I may never have connected with otherwise. I have learned to soften my own hardened walls, and opened not only my eyes, but my mind as well. I am extremely excited to see the opportunities playing Ego Cognito will provide me within the near future!" - Casilia Ward, Photographer

  • "These questions spark the flame of transformation, and what is learning without the transformation of the student? The things we ask ourselves and others shape the foundation for how we reach our full potential. I have had beautiful moments using Ego Cognito with my students to teach conversation skills, and look forward to many more." - Paulina Lai, Behavior Interventionist

  • "Ego Cognito was a lot of fun. It was nice to shut everything down and be present in that moment. By the end of the game, I felt like I knew my kids a little better. The fact that it wasn't one of those competitive type of games also made it stress free. Highly recommend it." - Michael Ikwumonu

  • "I am an introvert who has a hard time expressing myself openly around other people. Before Ego Cognito, I had trouble expressing my thoughts and feelings without getting talked over, looked down, or cast aside by people who wouldn’t take their time to fully understand someone that are different apart from them, or not willing to show patience to let me open myself up without the need to end up being frustrated from my introversion. It was a constant struggle for me to find comfort from others that shows courtesy and respect to those around them without me coming off as needy or desperate to accommodate my introverted tendencies until I played Ego Cognito. Ego Cognito is not just a question game, it is the bridge that’s there to welcome all sorts of personalities from people you have come across in your life. Having the game to be the guideline between different personalities around me does help to ease my social anxieties without feeling fearful of being judged heavily under the guise of societal standards. With the times I play Ego Cognito with others, or just by myself with a pen and paper in hand, my mind has broadened to the point where I no longer perceive my life negatively, rather I see it as an ongoing change of state at a different stage of life I’m going through. I’m here to keep myself going, and I like to thank Ego Cognito for guiding me to be a better version of myself." - Angela Nguyen

  • "Ego Cognito is a game for the new decade, for the conscious, aware student or professional who's focused on self-emancipation and growth. The depth-seeking, thought provoking nature of this game's experience is a welcome addition to our society's dwindling of substance and meaningful connection. These cards should be in every classroom, common room, on every lecture table or dining table for kids and adults alike to explore who they are and what they believe reality to be. It's a game built for purpose, with intention and love, and to help people expand into more thoughtful and caring versions. Highly necessary for today's youth!" - Maria Lee, Owner @ Tribe Fitness

  • "I like to think I have a good relationship with my friends, and know quite a bit about them. However, after one game of Ego Cognito I learned so much more about what makes my friends tick. I learned about their dreams, some of their hardest moments, and overall more about their lives that I was unaware of. I was also able to share my own stories and let them know about different aspects of my life they may had been unaware of. I can't wait to see what comes in the future." - Jamison B. Jensen

  • "Ego Cognito is a fantastic playing game for people who wish to connect deeper within themselves and with the people around them. It's the ultimate get-to-know-someone conversational card game. In today's harsh societal social climates, this game has not only made me feel much more connected to my friends and family but also to myself. After playing many games with different groups and types of people, I found this game always succeeds to help an individual realize something new about themselves and/or life itself. I'd recommend this game to anyone who has a desire for depth in life and/or curiosity in themselves and people, and to have fun while doing so!" - Jodi Fung, Forex Trader

    "I first played Ego Cognito at a ping pong bar in Vancouver. I brought my girlfriend who I have known for many years, and Ego Cognito got us talking about things that we never knew about one another, it was amazing. I personally think Ego Cognito is a wonderful icebreaker card game for new and old friends alike!" - Sonia Sidhu

  • "I had a wonderful experience playing Ego Cognito. It actually makes you ponder on thoughts about your own personality in a whole new way. And every time you play the game, you walk away with new findings about yourself. Also of course you really understand and learn about the other players life and experiences. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this game to learn about yourself and everyone around you." - Thomas Philip, IT Specialist

  • "My husband and I love playing Ego Cognito at dinner parties and for games night. It has taught us things about our friends we never knew and helped to break the ice with new acquaintances. It was fun, easy to learn and thought provoking. We really enjoyed this simplistic yet challenging game of discovery and connection." - Jenny Sims

  • "Ego Cognito is a great game to play with past, current or new friends. It helps build connections and understand others around you. This game really helps bring up the better old memories that is great for laughs. I would recommend this for people who aren’t too out spoken and for those who have too much to say. It helps balance both worlds. Ego Cognito creates great memories that are linked to outrageous laughter!" - Sandra Thambiaiah

  • "If you're playing it with close friends it's a fun way to relive past moments that were wild and fun but forgotten. It's a game you can play with newer friends and coworkers. Even the obvious friends you've known for awhile. #CallthemOut" - Serena Phounpadith

  • "When I first heard about Ego Cognito, I thought it was an interesting concept. It wasn’t until I played it that I realized how impactful it was. In my opinion, it is the best way to break the ice with strangers, and to deepen new and existing connections of all ages and cultures. Ego Cognito makes the difference between meeting people and bonding with them through a combination of fun and intellectual conversations. On an individual level, this card game does not end for me when I stop playing it. Each time, it leaves me with many questions to reflect upon and gives me the opportunity to explore my awareness further, while keeping an open mind." - Yousra Benjelloun

  • "When it comes to gatherings with new found friends or old acquaintances, Ego Cognito has been a captivating little social igniter that has quickly evolved from being a fun icebreaking game to a mainstay tool for social interactions. As a long time friend of Justin and his well-rounded team of creative individuals, I have been around to see this project grow from a simple kitchen table idea to the impressive social connecting instrument it is today. On the surface, Ego Cognito is marketed as a game that stimulates fun filled conversations with those around you, but secretly it creates the perfect environment to strengthen bonds and creates friendships. A lot of wonderful new friends loved this game, you would too!" - Arthur Van

  • "Ego Cognito was very revealing and surprising at times because you learn things about yourself that you don't usually think about. It's always interesting to see what other people have to say. People can surprise you with what they think to the questions in this game. It's really nice playing with people you don't know. It breaks the ice in an organic manner. It takes conversation and puts it at the heart of the game. Really great on dates. The game is practical and really helps introverts open up and helps extroverts direct their energy to somewhere in the conversation. It gives everyone a chance to talk. This game helps you to observe yourself from a less narccistic perspective, and get you to truly think about yourself, you could lie, but you know your own answer, it's hard to lie to yourself. It gets you thinking about yourself in a less biased manner. This type of game is really useful. It probably could be used in psychiatry sessions. It's a great conversation starter. I think it would be useful for people with social anxiety. Ego Cognito has a wide spectrum of use it can be used for family and corporate and anywhere in between. It brings people closer and makes the bonding process easier. It helps you learn about others beyond just a basic level." - Ilya Penkov, Tech Recruiter

    "Played it with completely random people at a bar during a social event. Managed to have a lot of fun with complete strangers. It brings up stories that you want to tell but never get the chance to. I recommend it to people at events where they do not know anyone there or not know them well. Such as colleagues or parties with mutual friends. It helps to retract the ego and break the ice in a meaningful way." - Vincent Lao

    "My personal experience with Ego Cognito has been enlightening to the say the least. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my friends by playing this game! It can help people discover their strengths and learn about themselves. Definetly a great self enlightenment and discovery tool. I recommend introverts and entrepreneurs to play this game to easily open up the room for having useful conversations with others. Overall, I think Ego Cognito is a great game to break the ice and make new friends with. Ego Cognito is simple to understand and very easy to start playing with your buddies!" - James Chien, Entrepreneur

  • "As an extrovert who enjoys meeting and connecting with people, I find the questions designed in such a unique way that guides me and the person beyond the superficial level of interaction. While majority of people are known to engage in small talk on first meet up, the Ego Cognito questions is created to help ease both persons to listen actively and share however much one wishes to. I always carry a deck of Ego Cognito with me, when I go out to a public event. For example, as an event moderator for the Subtle Asian Karaoke Vancouver group, I help the administrator and the group of people attending to interact with one another, by using the questions to create significant moments in each of their lives that is spend during the duration of the event. A beautiful moment I discovered was, when I got to facilitate my church small group (people in their late 20s to 30s) played Ego Cognito, for our games and food night. Many were amazed with the answers being shared and discussed openly, with acceptance, and drew more follow-up questions too after each person went." - Jonathan Cheng

  • "Although Ego Cognito is an amazing ice breaking game that makes it easy for people to get to know one another, it really is more than what it is. A while ago, I was using an Ego Cognito deck to break the ice on dating apps. With the card "What is one major goal you want to achieve?" I was able to begin a long and interesting conversation and get a first date with someone I had no business getting close to. She was incredibly selective with who she spent her time with, and I was able to get her attention through a 3 merit question. This is especially impressive considering the fact that my profile pictures were less than spectacular.  After we began dating, she told me that she was attracted to the fact that I asked good questions, and when I revealed that the questions came from the Ego Cognito game, she was both surprised and impressed. Really, the quality of the assortment of questions in this game is well thought out and this game is a really great way to build connections such as friendships, partnerships, or even... relationships. Try experimenting with this game under any social setting that involves one person talking to another and I assure that you'll be pleasantly surprised." - Robert Gotengco, Manager

  • "I was thrilled to know that this icebreaker game existed. I had the pleasure of coming across the paths of a young fellow who had this game. We were working in the film industry together on one particular day and he brought this game to work. I peeked at the cards and loved the questions. Why did I love them? They were uplifting, positive, and introspective. In fact my sister had bought an icebreaker game a couple of weeks earlier and it was very not uplifting... quite the opposite of this game. And I wished that something more suitable to my taste existed.. which was kinda cool that I came across Ego Cognito!" - Shiraine Haas

  • "When I was first introduced to Ego Cognito, I was a little skeptical. As with many card games, I wasn't sure what to expect. I really think this game is an awesome social development. At first it was all about crafting fun ideas, seeing who could come up with the craziest answer, but now, I realize that it's truly about discovering more about others, and more importantly about yourself. Ego Cognito makes you think about things that aren't usually at the forefront of your mind. This game is great for 2 people to even 8 people in my opinion. It can be played with your friends, new acquaintances or old. I really recommend playing it with your parents! You'll find out some interesting things you never knew. I never knew I could learn so much about my friends, family and new people through a card game. But ultimately the game taught me a lot about myself... it's also a great way to break the ice and skip awkward conversations because I can almost guarantee 5-10 minutes in, if everyone is being even slightly genuine, amazing connections can be made." - Ludwig Coleman

  • "This icebreaker game is an easy and fun way to increase connection between new and old friends. I love how the questions can push you gently outside your comfort zone to think in fresh ways. Not only does it create authentic connection but valuable self awareness. I would recommend ego cognito to anyone whether an introvert or extrovert, this game is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and others while having fun!" - Tessa Bantock

  • "When I played Ego Cognito with my roommate who newly moved in, we hit it off just quickly! It really breaks the ice and even go deeper. After playing this, we talked with each other all the time, and we had great days while we were living together. She really liked it and brought some copies when she goes back to Japan for her friends. We never really know what people have experienced, Ego Cognito makes that easy to explore. Sometimes, people can become great friends with only a small push. Sometimes life can be negative, but Ego Cognito makes it easy to be positive and enjoy moments together. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys having something to do with friends, wanting to discover each others future desires or dreams. I would also say, don’t play this with people who you don’t want to get along with or become friends with, otherwise you might just become great friends! With these questions, you can share your thoughts and dreams with your friends (or friends to be). It even digs your unconscious thoughts if you play it many times. You will end up realizing what you really think and believe. And your thoughts and ideas only get bigger and bigger, then it attracts more ideas and people who you need, and your dreams may actually come true!" - Naoko Masuda

  • "From all the times that I have played Ego Cognito, I have encounter from many deep to entertaining discussions with friends, family and even strangers! Throughout my times of playing Ego Cognito, I received a lot of social support to help me be more open, learn new ideas and develop a positive-self image. IMHO, Ego Cognito makes it easy to bring people together who just wants to create fun and meaningful moments at any time. While playing Ego Cognito, when it's your turn, take your time and see where each card can take you!" - Danica Tran

    "Ego Cognito is one of the best icebreaker card games I have been introduced to till date. This game inspired me to push my mental boundaries of thought and express them in a transparent most effective way socially among friends, family and colleagues. This is a total mind opener and a conversation stimulator; the questions are highly thought provoking and self reflecting in many ways! Those of you who are introverts or struggle to engage in new social meet ups, its time to say goodbye to all the hesitancy or awkwardness you’ve probably encountered along your life and embrace a completely new level of social confidence and build a broader rewarding social circle for yourself!" - Frenil Zaveri

  • "I think Ego Cognito is great for sparking conversation between anyone whose perspective you want to learn about or hearing about how they see things. What it has done for me is allow me to connect more deeply with close friends and begin new connections with people I don't know as well. I have noticed after people ask their questions, depending on how deep it is, they will more likely open up, especially if they are introverted. All in all I highly recommended Ego Cognito for anyone who wants to start a conversation and have some fun, but not always sure how to get started!" - Misha Samorodin

  • "At first, I was skeptical about Ego Cognito, but after playing it, I truly think it is one of the best icebreaker games out there. It creates an honest and open conversation with people, and I truly value what the game has brought into my life. I learned more about people than I would’ve on my own." - Tasha Ng

  • "Ego Cognito is a great game to play with others if you want to connect on a deeper level. While this game is fun to play with friends, I was also able to successfully facilitate a group therapy session with this game as an icebreaker because it allows players to be rewarded for honesty and openness. It is a very unique game and I recommend it highly for anyone interested in having deep and meaningful conversations." - Vanessa G., BTR Recreational Therapist

  • "Every time I played Ego Cognito I had the opportunity to understand people in ways that deepened our friendship and relationships to the tipping point of going from friends for a season to friends for life. It helped build commonality in our diversity and forced me to delve deeper within myself to find out the most beautiful and ugly parts of myself. At the end of the day it helped me grow so much!" - Jordan Robinson

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