"These questions spark the flame of transformation, and what is learning without the transformation of the student? The things we ask ourselves and others shape the foundation for how we reach our full potential. I have had beautiful moments using Ego Cognito with my students to teach conversation skills, and look forward to many more."

- Paulina Lai (@paulinalai)

"Loved every moment playing Ego Cognito. It is perfect for thought leaders and people who are authentic and raw. The magic that comes from the game doesn't come until you are brave enough to play it. Ego Cognito is literally your personal call to action!"

- Jessica Wild (@womynifest_jess)

"Through my experience of playing Ego Cognito, I've gained one strong friendship, made acquaintances with people I may never have connected with otherwise. I have learned to soften my own hardened walls, and opened not only my eyes, but my mind as well. I am extremely excited to see the opportunities playing Ego Cognito will provide me within the near future!"

- Casilia Ward (@casilia.photography)