Our Story

Ego Cognito has always been a convivial tool, something that brings the feeling of joy when full engaged. It is a rationally designed game that produces conversation and acknowledgement around someone's self-image, thinking, and creativity. 

We have always believed that people want to build their dreams for how they want to live and want to see what is most important in their life. Ego Cognito gives them the opportunity of experiencing and expressing that belief collectively.

The game was first designed back in 2015 in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada as a prototype that evolved over time as a hobby experiment. The game took a real interest in getting people to talk about themselves by generating a round-by-round way to make a conversation more deep and exciting!

The goal was to make people feel and think more creatively about their own lives. We saw the stories people shared as a gateway into bonding with one another while seeing the need to be interested in specific aspects as an important dynamic to feeling emotionally and intellectually connected. 

From funny stories to their ambitions for the future, Ego Cognito is helping people create the possibility to have deep and imaginative conversations in a fun and unique way.

Where many people see "games" as a competitive sport, made to prove tactical superiority, we are proud to say we have designed a game that values the lives of people and have taken the concept of icebreaking to the level of a real in-depth experience of personal and creative show and tell. 

Among all of the question-based card games and activities out in the world, Ego Cognito is truly the best choice for your social activity and icebreaking needs.

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