What is Ego Cognito?

Ego Cognito: The Icebreaker Game is a social card game of 60 thought-provoking questions for you to connect with yourself and other people on a deeper level. Its intention and purpose is to extend you this invitation: Ask more questions. 

What are the benefits of playing Ego Cognito you may ask? Not only do you get to know yourself more but you also get the opportunity to connect with people you may not expect. 

The questions in this deck seek to help you open up your mind to things that you didn’t realize you knew about yourself. It also encourages you to change the way you perceive yourself and others. 

Ego Cognito provides a gamified system for you to engage in personal truths and development. It’s fun and easy to learn! It’s as simple as picking up two cards and discarding one. 

Among all of the question-based card games and activities out in the world, Ego Cognito is truly the best choice for your social activity and icebreaking needs.