What do the Merits mean and how do they work?

It's simple. The questions scale in value from 1 merit, being the lowest in value, to 3 merits being the highest in value.

1 Merit = Easy to answer and surface level questions.
2 Merits = Regarding your perspective about the world around you.
3 Merits = Regarding something more personal about yourself.

These merits are totaled for each person at the end of the game and decide who will lead our signature "Icepick" Round!

How will my Ego Cognito order be fulfilled?

We wanted to make sure that you get quality shipping with speed to match. We are proud to announce that we have fulfillment done by Amazon! Expect up to around 3-5 business days.  We want to be on top of our fulfillment and we care about what you think. If it takes longer please send an e-mail to hello@egocognito.com!

How do you deal with returns?

If you want to return your game, it must be unopened and bought within the past six months. If you bought your game from Amazon or anywhere other than this store, you will have to contact them.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns outside of Canada.

Where can I get my own deck of Ego Cognito: The Icebreaker Game?

Ego Cognito is currently ONLY available online for order here and on Amazon.ca for Canada until 2021!

Can I buy Ego Cognito outside of Canada?

We are preparing to provide Ego Cognito to the US, EU, and beyond!

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Any other questions or comments?

Let us know! Please send an e-mail to hello@egocognito.com!

You can find Ego Cognito: The Icebreaker Game HERE!