About Us

Ego Cognito: The Icebreaker Game is a social card game of thought-provoking questions for getting to know yourself and others. It is a card game that is designed to be easy-to-carry in order to help you have deep and meaningful conversations with friends, family, as well as new acquaintances! 

Ego Cognito: The Icebreaker Game is all about helping people build self-awareness by creating opportunities for connection and growth. 

The story behind Ego Cognito is an interesting one. It is a Latin inspired name that stands for "I reveal". Ego means "I" and Cognito means "Reveal". Cognito is the opposite of the more popular word "Incognito", which means to "Hide".

In English however, Ego is referring to the "Self/Identity" and the word Cognito is a play on the word "Cognition", roughly translating to "To think upon one's self or identity." This is commonly referred to as a double entendre and these meanings really reflect with what the game is all about!

Ego Cognito is great for anything from hangouts, dinner parties, family reunions, clubs, team meetings, conferences, and dates. Ego Cognito is perfect for journal writing to connect more with your inner thoughts and so much more! 

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